Where is the Gala being held?

This is an international distributed hackathon, so you can participate virtually from anywhere in the world! We'll also have local HQs in various cities around the world. More info about hosting or participating in a local event can be found here.

How are entries judged?

There will be a community voting phase followed by an expert-judging phase. Judges and community voters will create a top 5 list of their favorite apps based on the criteria of an app's usefulness, creativity, completeness, and how well it showcases Go's unique strengths. More info on judging can be found here.

How many winners will there be?

There will be 5 Overall Winners, which will be picked by our judges. There will also be winners for several other prizes, such as the crowd-favorite and the best solo app (developed by only 1 person).

When does the competition start?

This year's event starts on October 25, 2019 at 5:00pm PST (which is October 26 at 12:00am UTC) and runs for 48 hours. Click here to find out what time that is for you (add your time zone and then find 5pm PST on the comparison bar). Judging and voting take place the following week.

What can I work on?

Anything you like - as long as it's a standalone application with its core written in Go! However, it's up to you to make sure your submission is useable and judge-able. For a web app, this will likely mean having a version deployed in production that people can play with. For other apps, you may want to create a screencast or other demo so that people who cannot install your app can still review it during judging.

Why are you holding this event?

Our main goal for this event is to connect developers from all over the world, especially those who do not have a strong local Go community. We'd also like to give people who have been thinking about trying Go an excuse to dive in.

Can I use other packages, libraries, templates, etc.?

Yes! The Go package manager is fantastic, and we encourage you to make use of what is out there. However, when you make your final submission, please credit any packages, applications, or plugins that you use in your application.

Who owns my code? Does it need to be open source?

You own your code, and it does not need to be open source. However, if you think others could benefit from the code you write, we encourage you to open source it!

Do I have to already know Go?

No! We'd like to encourage people to jump in and try Go for the first time. We often hear people talk about wanting to use Go in one of their side projects, and this is an excellent opportunity to do so. However, you'll probably want to install Go and mess around with it a bit before the event begins. Here is a list of some great resources for getting started.

What am I allowed to do to prepare for the Gala?

You can plan what you're going to build, mess around with relevant packages, and sketch out UI designs. However, you are not allowed to write any code or create any digital assets before the Gala begins.

Where will my code be hosted?

We will be providing you with a Github repository to use for your entry to the Gala. You must use this repository for development and commit regularly throughout the event. More details on this will be provided as the Gala nears.

Can I use things I built from before the competition?

In a word - no! The one exception is if you've written a publicly available package that you'd like to use in your application. This special case is only allowed if the package does not provide the majority of the functionality for your application.

My company would like to sponsor the event. How can I do that?

Check out our information on sponsorship here and then reach out to us for more details.

If my company is a sponsor of the Gopher Gala, can I still participate?

Yes! However, you will be ineligible for any sponsor-specific prizes that are offered and judged by your company.

Are there official rules I can read?

Yes - you can find them here.

When does registration close?

Registration will be open up until October 24 at 5:00pm PST (which is October 25 at 12:00am UTC).

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Yes - you can find it here.