Gopher Gala - Logistics

We’re going to be using several different systems to keep track of registration, submission, and judging for the competition, so please read through this whole email in depth to make sure your team will be eligible for judging.

To start, please have your team leader register your team name and request a repository using this form. Only one person from your team needs to request a Github repository. Once invited to the repository, that person will then be able to invite the other members of your team. The Github repository invitations will be sent out on Friday.

If you do not have a team yet and would like to find one, join the conversation in the #team_formation channel on Slack or check out one of our local events.

Please make sure not to start on your project before the designated time in your time zone (January 23, 2015 at 5:00pm PST, which is January 24 at 1:00am UTC). Once the competition has begun, please push regularly to Github throughout the weekend.

We have created a ChallengePost competition to keep track of submissions and act as a place where you can comment on other participants’ projects. Please make sure to submit your projects before the deadline (January 25, 2015 at 5:00pm PST, which is January 26 at 1:00am UTC).

Make sure to include links to your Github repository, a list of the team members names, and any material (screencasts, etc.) that might be helpful in judging. Teams are fluid up until your project is submitted, but make sure no more than 4 people contribute to your repository and that all team members are listed in your submission.

After the submission deadline, you can see what other people have built and leave comments on their projects. We’ll be sending out another email regarding community judging, which will take place during the 5 days following the hackathon. After the community judging phase, we will have our expert judging phase, and winners will be announced on February 3rd, PST.

Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to build!